What to bring to a scrapbooking retreat?

I often get the question, “What should I bring to Retreat?”
Here is a packing list of things I generally bring (plus a few suggestions). I thought this may be helpful to those newbies coming for the first time, and for those retreat experts who may just appreciate a list to go by!

Miscellaneous Items
• camera and charger • cell phone and charger • flashlight • snack to share • “adult beverages” (if desired) • scrapbooker’s beverage container (the kind that hooks onto the edge of the table) • iPod or MP3 player if you don’t like what’s playing…..or your neighbor 😉

Scrapbook Supplies
• photos • paper, kits, cardstock, stickers • stamps, inks, distressing tools, corner rounder• 12 x 12 mat for cricut (we will supply the cricuts and have tons of carts) • page protectors to put finished pages in • embellishments • paper cutter • adhesives • scissors • journaling pens • lamp and extension cords • cushion for chair

There is always tons of stuff to purchase if you need something

Clothing/Toiletry List
• jeans/sweats/shorts • sweatshirt or jacket (the temp is always unpredictable so bring layers) • t-shirts • swimsuit • PJ’s and slippers • socks • underwear • soap, shampoo, and hair stuff • deodorant • tooth brush, tooth paste, dental floss • medicines (a Tylenol pm or some sort of sleeping helper is always good) • pillow and blanket (these are provided but I always bring my own anyway)


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